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Get serious about teen depression – Extended Q & A

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Get serious about teen depression – Extended Q & A . August 1, Sat 3:30PM EST 

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Let’s face it: depression is on the rise among teens. Yet many of us still don’t think it’s a real health issue but rather part of teenage growing pain. This view may have grave consequence. Too many young people have taken their own lives due to depression. The pain to their loved ones is simply unbearable.

Depression among teens is hard to diagnose. Is it just normal hormonal disturbance or mental ailment? It is also hard to cope with. How can we be more helpful and not make things worse for our children, and prevent the unthinkable from happening? These are all important questions parents are grappling with when dealing with a child suffering from depression. 
We have invited experts and young people who personally experienced depression and attempted suicide to answer these questions for you. 



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