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Heritage Sharing

UCA IL organizes annual Jiaozhi Festival as part of UCA Lunar New Year initiative to enhance charitable giving and public service spirit during the traditional holiday celebration.

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Asian American Emotional Wellness and Mental Health
​For the past three years, UCA has worked with Chinese American community with thousands of community members. One of the most urgent issues expressed by parents and community members is youth mental health. This concern is validated by observed students experiences and behaviors. Due to cultural expectations, identity issues, low health literacy about mental health, stigma against mental health, and social isolation, Chinese/Asian American youth are suffering “silently” with mental illness and emotional stress. Insufficient support from families and their community, as well as lack of available Chinese speaking mental health professionals, further contributes to the problem According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) & Prevention (2016), in general, Asian Americans report fewer mental health concerns compared to White Americans
  • 18.9 percent of Asian American high school students report considering suicide, versus 15.5 percent of white high school students.
  • 10.8 percent of Asian American high school students report having attempted suicide, versus 6.2 percent of white high school students.
  • Asian American high school females are twice as likely (15 percent) to have attempted suicide than their male peers (7 percent)
  • Suicide death rates are 30 percent higher for 15-24 year old Asian American females than they are for white females (5.3 versus 4.0)In order to meet the urgent needs of our community, United Chinese Americans (UCA), a national coalition of Chinese Americans dedicated to civic engagement, youth development, and heritage-sharing (, has worked with its chapters to address mental health issues facing the community. UCA has taken a leap of faith to tackle this issue with very limited resources and funding, collaborating with its Illinois chapter ( and community partners to organize 12 youth mental conferences in Chicago (2), Minnesota (1), Wisconsin (2), Ohio (3), Nevada(1), San Francisco (1), and at the 2016 and 2018 Chinese American Conventions (2) in Washington, DC.We also are building a Chinese American mental health network with other organizations and individuals including Massachusetts General Hospital’s (MGH) Center for Cross-Cultural Student Emotional Wellness, also affiliated with Harvard Medical School’s Department of Psychiatry; the Pacific, Education, Advocacy, Research, Learning (PEARL) Institute of New York, affiliated with New York University’s (NYU) Silver School of Social Work; a staff psychologist at the University of Notre Dame’s Counseling Department; and mental health discussion groups with on social media, including WeChat, an app-based platform popular among Chinese Americans. We also support many community organizations in their efforts to educate our community about youth mental health.
UCA Youth Mental Health Initiative Team Members
  • Lily Chen *, RN, MA:Coordinator, Former UCA Executive Director; Confirmed RWJ Clinical Scholar applicant; Lecturer, North Carolina Central University Department of Nursing
  • Paul Li: Ph.D. : UCA Board member and Co-coordinator; Founder, Calvin J Li Foundation
  • Weiyang Xie*, Ph.D.:UCA Expert Team Lead, Confirmed RWJ Clinical Scholar Applicant; Licensed Clinical Psychologist, University of Notre Dame Counseling Center
  • Justin Chen*, MD, MPH: Confirmed RWJ Clinical Scholar Applicant: Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School; Executive Director, MGH Center for Cross-Cultural Student Emotional Wellness | Medical Director, Adult Outpatient Psychiatry Services MGH
  • Julianna Chen, MD:Confirmed RWJ Clinical Scholar Applicant; Executive Member, MGH Center for Cross-Cultural Student Emotional Wellness; Instructor, Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School; Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, MGH
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Civic Engagement
We help organize the nationally reported National Security and Civic Leadership Forums to bring awareness of racial profiling of Chinese scientists and promote civic participation of Asian Americans.

Youth Civic Engagement Summer Internship
We provide college and high school students with internship opportunities at all levels of government and organizations, learn about and develop students’ interest in public policy and engagement, develop leadership skills, and build pipeline of Asian Americans for the future.

Youth Development and Volunteerism
With its motto “serve, lead, inspire!”, UCA IL chapter conducted multiple service projects with over 100 high school and parent volunteers. Service projects include taking 45 seniors to performing arts events, and helping organize an open-air concert with over 10,000 attendees. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, UCA raised money to help purchase cleaning tools and school supplies for affected communities in Houston.
UCA in Action

Senior Services

Senior Health Insurance Program, SHIP
“The Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP) is a free statewide health insurance counseling service for Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers. UCA IL is the official SHIP under Illinois Department on Aging, and has provided bilingual SHIP counseling to hundreds of seniors in need in Dupage County by our dedicated volunteers since 2014

Senior Health Education

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